Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The nearer future for Louder Yay

Last month, I wrote in these virtual pages about what I planned to do with this blog once Friendship is Magic had come to an end. I stand by what I said there, although I hear persistent rumours that Equestria Girls in some form may outlast FiM, in which case I'll cover that to at least some extent. What I didn't talk about, though, was what I planned to do here before the end of FiM came. So now seems like a good time.

I intend to cover the show itself in a very similar way to what I've been doing over the past few seasons. I'll write an extended review of each episode, and if international schedules allow I'll continue with Text Review Roundup as well. I'll also cover news relating to things like whenever Hasbro actually gets round to announcing that S9 is (or isn't!) the lot, though this isn't a breaking news site so expect occasional commentary more than frequent newsflashes.

As the end of the show approaches, I imagine there'll be growing anticipation about the finale, whether that's S9E26 or a one-off special afterwards. I'm not sure how I'll cover that fandom sentiment, or even if I will in any great depth. It's going to depend to at least some extent on how I'm feeling at the time. Once the synopsis for the finale is out, I probably will discuss it here, although I plan on putting my thoughts on that under a clearly marked cut.

There isn't a lot else to say, really. I'll cover S9 much as I've covered S8, as far as I can – but as the end gets closer, it may be more difficult for me to maintain my equanimity. This show has changed my life, and I don't care how silly it sounds for me to say that. And as such, it is going to feel strange once it hits me that there are only X episodes left before it's all over. Don't be surprised if I end up writing about that almost as much as the episodes themselves.

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