Friday, 21 December 2018

Sounds of 2011, nos. 56 to 53: Beyond Her Beautiful Winter

About time I got back to this! For music lovers, I hope to have another Pony Music Library induction before the end of the festive period, but don't hold your breath. For now, it's time to return to Everfree Radio's fan-voted chart of the best brony songs of 2011. I said last time there'd be two huge names – I was understating the case. There are three, plus another who used to be really big.

Here we have one of The Living Tombstone's early productions for the MLP fandom. Although it's not as polished as some of his later tracks, the essentials of his style are present and correct in this six-minute presentation. I'm not sure about the almost two minutes it takes before the drop hits, as this does seem to drag a little, but after that it's okay. Not especially thrilling, but okay. There's a Mediafire link in the video description, although the quality is just 165 kbps.

Yet another Chain Algorithm song now. He was clearly extremely popular back in 2011, though I suspect that many people who've joined the fandom in the last five years won't be familiar with him as he's released nothing Pony since 2012. This song is quite openly (see the video description) a ship between the artist's OC (well, he calls it a "ponytar") and Rainbow Dash. How you feel about that may affect whether you like the song, which majors on distorted lyrics and repetitive beats. Chain Algorithm's site no longer exists and this song isn't on his Bandcamp, sadly.

Here's the second huge name to appear in this edition, and as with the first it's with a remix of "Winter Wrap Up" (dated 2012 on YouTube but obviously not first released then!). I prefer this one by some margin. If you're even slightly familiar with Sim Gretina then it will be instantly recognisable as his work. A musician from Finland, Sim Gretina hasn't really been active in the Pony fandom for three years now, but the combination of infectious beats, carefully-judged vocal chopping and songs that don't overstay their welcome mean several remain classics to this day, if not quite this one. No HQ version that I could find.

Nostalgia time again for me, as this WoodenToaster (aka Glaze) song was one of the first brony tracks I ever heard. By the time I joined the fandom (April 2012) it was pretty well established and it's held up as a classic tune. I can't say I really know what it's about, and I'm not alone in that as the lyrics are pretty bizarre, but if you want a Carrot Top song then this is it. Perhaps a little beep-boopy for my personal taste these days, but still. There's a link in the video description to the song on various streaming services, but I can't find an HQ download to buy anywhere – though Bandcamp offers plenty of covers.

Next time: one of my all-time favourite fandom tracks will feature. Yay!


  1. Go figure a Sim Gretina track is still bangin' seven years on. :D

    And Beyond Her Garden is not bottom 50 material, I must protest! D: Carrot Top has gone beyond us! Where do I sign the petition?

    1. I suspect I know the answer to why "Beyond Her Garden" isn't higher, though it's a guess. Without giving too much away, there's another song later on that may have stolen some of its thunder...

    2. Man, y'know, reading this post made me nostalgic for what my reaction to it was, so I went and rewatched literally every video I made about pony music from 2012-2014. It was great, and that's not meant as some kind of self-endorsement. ;_; 2014 was a great time for pony music.

    3. 2014 is my own favourite year for pony music, though that's partly because it's the only time I've got to see a full-on concert by some of the really big names (at BUCK 2014). Also, unlike 2011, I was actually there! :P