Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Some new merch might be nice, toy shops...

I was at a local shopping centre with a friend the other day, and naturally we spent some time in The Entertainer toy shop looking at their My Little Pony section. This company is usually pretty good about stocking ponies, and so it was again – with some decent discounts on some of them, too. What was lacking was more than minimal new merch. It was the same stuff we've seen again and again, with Sunset's EqG sushi truck among the newer items available.

I think the Cutie Mark Crew was the last time we got a truly new toy line widely available over here. Nothing wrong with those, but it would be nice if The Entertainer et al would consider bringing in some of the newer stuff that we keep seeing on EqD. I'm not talking expensive fan-aimed figures of course, but even some different brushables would be nice. Right now, it's getting hard to see a reason for fans to buy much more Pony stuff in this country's toy shops.

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