Saturday, 7 October 2017

CinemaScore for the movie is out!

As with the Rotten Tomatoes post, I'm marking this as spoilery beyond the cut, even though it really isn't. As with that earlier post, this is just a case of talking briefly about a grade. There are no spoilers for the plot of the movie whatsoever in the post itself.

MLP:TM's CinemaScore is an A-. This is a poll of moviegoers on opening night, and takes the form of a report card leading to a grade from A+ to F. The A- grade obtained by Pony is the same as that obtained by the likes of Blade Runner 2049 and Dunkirk, so it's not bad at all!

Bear in mind, though, that this and the critics' consensus (as seen on Rotten Tomatoes) can be very different. The Emoji Movie (10% on RT) gets a B, while mother! (67% on RT) gets an F. The CinemaScore is more closely aligned with RT's 91% Audience Score.

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