Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Pony Music Library 47: "My Past is Not Today"

What? "My Past is Not Today"

Who? Daniel Ingram

Which? Equestria Girls short

When? April 2015

Why? At the start of April 2015, three music videos appeared on Hasbro's channel. There'd been no hint that they were coming, strange as it may seem in these days of blanket promotion, and they blew the fandom away. I like all of them, but "My Past is Not Today" is probably the one which had the most impact. After Sunset Shimmer's triumphant Rainbow Rocks appearance, she'd become a hugely popular character, and this song cemented that further. It's a great power ballad about her redemption, sung excellently by Rebecca Shoichet and featuring a fine hook, a catchy melody and a strong bass line. The lyrics are solid and easily singable, too. The quality of the animation doesn't hurt, either, but it's the song itself that's getting inducted here.

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