Thursday, 5 October 2017

Movie: UK cinema showings from 6th Oct... but only in Scotland!

Screenshot showing the Vue Stirling cinema listing the MLP Movie for 7th Oct
This is somehow far more frustrating than waiting past the US release!
This is a spoiler-free post

Up until very recently, I'd imagined that there would be no previews or early showings of My Little Pony: The Movie in the UK, except perhaps one organised by Hasbro in London. However, it seems I was wrong. You can go and see the film before its general release date of 20th October – but there's a catch, and a pretty big one for me and indeed most of the UK: you have to live in, or at least be able to get to, Scotland.

I was confused as to the reason for this at first, but Silver Broom on Twitter helpfully explained: the half-term break in Scotland is two weeks earlier than it is in England, and since the reason the movie's been delayed south of the border is to coincide with half-term, I have to concede that earlier Scottish showings make sense.

Not all cinemas even in Scotland are showing it, as far as I can tell, but those I've found that are already listing it for an early release include:

Cineworld: Falkirk and Dundee (from Fri 6/10)
Odeon: Dundee and Dunfermline (from Sat 7/10)
Vue: Stirling and Inverness (from Sat 7/10)

And since you ask, yes I darn well am jealous about this, not to mention frustrated that a day trip to Scotland is beyond both my budget and my health. Booking has not yet opened for the movie at any English cinema, as far as I can tell, but I'll be a great deal more relieved when it does! :P


  1. This has honestly made me laugh. I'm not going to go to Scotland to see it, I can wait in England for a couple more weeks, and yet I can't help finding the whole release date shenanigans hilarious.

    It's a pretty random set of Scottish cinemas though isn't it? No showings in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth... most places in Scotland in fact. There really are just a few places showing it early.

    1. Oh, I can wait, and I will. A week longer than I really have to, as I'm very unlikely to dash off to the cinema the night before UK PonyCon. But hilarious... hmm. It's not that it's the end of the world in itself, more that I'm irritated that virtually the entire world (except Australia) is getting it before us! :P