Monday, 16 October 2017

Episode review: S7E23: "Secrets and Pies"

Angry Pinkie Pie with pie filling all over her face
At least she didn't get at Spike this time round
As you might expect, with UK PonyCon coming up, my normal schedule here will be considerably disrupted. I might have one or two pre-written posts that will appear during the con, but otherwise: Ponyfic Roundup will not appear this week, and may not appear next week either. Reviews for episode 24 and the finale will get done when I get the time, and ditto for Text Review Roundup. On to today's business, though – thoughts on Josh Hamilton's episode after the break.

This was one of those episodes that seem to hark back to simpler days in Ponyville, before the world of Equestria had become so large and complicated. It's largely a Pinkie/Rainbow ep, something we don't see a whole lot of, and Pinkie in particular was very amusing – though again rather more similar to her personality in the earlier seasons of Friendship is Magic.

Demon Rainbow Dash zapping a pie with her laser eyes you do
Rainbow wasn't quite so fun to watch, since she didn't really do a whole lot beyond throwing away pies and then lying about it. Still, she served her purpose – though I must admit that I haven't gone back and checked whether she's ever happily eaten pies in past seasons. And to continue the throwback feel, we got a moral that was simple and heartfelt: you don't need to lie to your friends.

Applejack played a fairly small supporting role, though her final line was one of the best in the episode, and she provided some fun body language too. Twilight was just... there, really. We also had a couple of brief scenes with the Wonderbolts and Dr. Fauna, and in spite of the relevant (but then rather forgotten) information about Tank they seemed to be filler more than anything.

Rainbow shows off her awful self-baked pie
Watch AJ and Twi in the background during this scene
This episode is never going to come top of my S7 rankings, and it does have a few problems – how does Pinkie make it up to Rainbow's cloud house, given that she doesn't appear to have balloons at the time? It's not a thrilling or shocking episode, and it's largely the sort of thing you'd expect to see in the lead-up to a season finale. Still, for simple character moments, it's pleasant viewing.

NB: Rating bumped down from low-end three to high-end two after further consideration.

Best quote: Pinkie: "It seems the pieces of the puzzle are plopping into place, but the picture isn't pretty. [gasps] Note to self – P. Alliteration Pie."

  • Some nice character moments for Pinkie Pie
  • Her interactions with Rainbow Dash
  • The homespun, throwback feel to the episode
  • Does slightly struggle to fill the running time
  • The odd apparent plot hole


  1. I would put this episode down as a fun, but stupid. It's quite interesting how much Pegasus wings are now used a set of hands (as seen with Dash using hers to tie balloons on the pie she's trying to get rid of.) As for Dash's pie making skills, I really can't see her on the Great Equestria bake off anytime soon. Speaking of pies I don't recall Dashies eating one in the show, but technically she would had to eaten on during the Sisterhood Social run in the Brotherhood Social episode, and if you want to go the semi-canon route then in the Rainbow Dash micro series comic she is seen eating a slice of pie that Applejack had made her.

    1. Good point re the wings -- they do seem to be using them like that a lot more now.

  2. All I got say is based on my last sentence in my review: "Hamilton should be absolutely ashamed of himself for putting out this travesty".

    1. Well, I think that's the most negative assessment I've seen from anyone yet -- though I won't be compiling TRR until a bit later than usual, so I haven't checked too hard.

    2. If you need to know why Cuddlepug hasn't posted either of his reviews, I believe it's because he was vacating in US overtime. So I don't think he's been working on his new potential reviews ever since (at least at the moment).

    3. Fair enough. As long as he'll be returning, I'll keep him on the list.

  3. I like this ep, it shouldnt be taken too seriously, just enjoy the madness ;). This ep remind me why i like Western cartoons is so much fun to watch.
    'Does slightly struggle to fill the running time'
    At least, it filled the running time with zany animations, funny dialogues, that all i expect the least from Western cartoons, FUN. Triple Threat plot is dumb too but it failed to distract me from its boring plot. Only Pinkie can make these kind of episodes work, i never feel bored while watching any second of this ep, 8/10.