Monday, 10 April 2017

RCL "Correct the Record"

The Royal Canterlot Library is running an event from now until 23 April, and it asks the following question:
Which RCL-featured authors do you think should be refeatured, to showcase a story better representative of their strengths?
All you need to do is to choose an eligible author and pick another story of theirs you think would fit best. Note that any fic that's either been featured by the Pony Fiction Vault or gained the old 6-Star rating on Equestria Daily is barred from consideration. (And any that are already in the RCL. Duh. :P )

I'm not altogether keen on the voting method – upvotes on story posts in the nomination thread. That seems a little too open to abuse for comfort, and I'd also guess that stories nominated in the middle of the period will be at a disadvantage. It does have the merit of simplicity, but I still think I'd have preferred a method which did not allow people to see running vote totals. There's also the question – already acknowledged by the curators – of how the RCL should approach the issue of refeaturing in the future. Personally, I hope it's kept to a minimum; I may expand on that at a later date.

Despite those reservations, I may nominate something. I don't intend to name a story here, or indeed anywhere other than in the nomination thread: urging people to vote for a specific story while signal-boosting this event is expressly prohibited. Also, note that you're supposed to say why you think the story you're nominating is a better fit for that author than their existing entry. "X is a great writer and deserves another feature" isn't the idea at all.

End of waffle. The RCL "Correct the Record" thread is here.

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