Saturday, 29 April 2017

Pony Music Library 41: "Someone Like Me"

Surprise! I haven't given up on the PML at all. I just haven't happened to have had a time when my being motivated to induct something coincides with the time I have to do so. Now I do, even if today's entry is one some of you will have been expecting me to post since the start...

What? "Someone Like Me"

Who? Aviators

Which? Original song

When? June 2013

Why? Oh, come on – who do you think's choosing these entries? A lovely ballad, set before the Mane Six become a thing. Fluttershy begins it with feelings of loneliness and frustration, but by the end she's both embraced her uniqueness and discovered true friendship. I'm a big Aviators fan anyway (what, you can tell?) but this is way up the list of his songs. It's gentle and warm and everything Fluttershy should be.


  1. Great to see PML again. :)

    I'm not actually familiar with this particular Aviators piece; will have to give it a proper listen later (when I'm not on my phone).

    When I think of Aviators and Fluttershy, that normally means 'The Real Me', which unfortunately I'm not a big fan of. Hopefully this one can replace that.

    1. "The Real Me" isn't on my list of favourite Aviators tracks, either. (See? Not everything Fluttershy qualifies! :P )