Saturday, 1 April 2017

Bits and pieces

There's wall-to-wall Brexit over here at the moment, and even as a politics junkie it's getting a bit much for me. (For the record, I voted Remain and would do so again, but you can't win 'em all.) So it's time for some ponies.

The first – and hopefully not last! – Flashfic 150 contest is now open. Anyone with a Fimfiction account is welcome to join in before the contest (which, again, has no prize) closes in three weeks' time. Yes, that is a very relaxed schedule. This is deliberate. This month's prompt is "Getting Warmer".

Stable-Tec Studios have officially cancelled their Fallout: Equestria animation. I can't in all honesty say I'm surprised. From the outside, animation seems to me to be about the most demanding of all the various types of fandom project, and this particular one was huge. As of now, the SFM (which doesn't interest me) and radio play (which might) are still live. As of now.

Friends Forever #38 – the last in the series, focusing on Celestia and Luna – has been delayed. It should have appeared last Wednesday, but ComicList now has it as the dreaded "TBD". I am not pleased about this, and I will be even more not-pleased if the issue is cancelled. I was annoyed enough about Art Gallery II.

Also in comics, Bleeding Cool's Lauren Sisselman liked the "Deviations" issue, awarding it 8/10. I'm not entirely sure I agree with her suggestion that it would be a fun issue for non-regulars, though.


  1. They're ending Friends Forever? What'll they replace it with? O.o

    1. Legends of Magic -- stories from olden pony times. Issue #1 will be about Starswirl "and his magical friends". #2 about "the legendary Rockhoof" battling magma creatures, and #3 about the origins of Canterlot Castle. I don't know how many issues are planned.

    2. Huh. Honestly doesn't sound too bad, though I'm not sure I want to give up FF for it. :B