Friday, 7 April 2017

First movie trailer released!

We have our first official look at the My Little Pony: The Movie style in motion! It's very much a teaser trailer, and it really doesn't spoil much if anything: there's no indication of the film's plot, there are no appearances by the major new characters we've been told about. There are very brief non-speaking appearances by a couple of ponies I don't recognise, but there's no indication as to who they might be. Unless you're a total and utter spoiler-phobe, you can probably get away with watching this one. Still, I've made sure that I used the video with a totally non-spoilery preview image!

Unfortunately, the look of the trailer isn't quite what it should be, with Rainbow Dash especially looking rather odd around the eyes. As art director Rebecca Dart explains, an error was made with rendering: "they didn't convert the 16 bit images to 8 bit properly and it crushed all the shadows". She is not at all happy with what happened, saying that she "never would have approved this". On the plus side, we now know that the finished article will be better. Since Ms Dart was also art director on Season Five of the show, she has reassuring form when it comes to Pony.


  1. Not much to extract from this trailer, is there? With news that the finished article will look better, the change in art style is intriguing. So weird to think this show is getting a bona fide movie.

    Still, my opinion has not changed; after all, art doesn't count for much if the story is bad. And while I won't judge the story from the synopsis, it isn't inspiring much confidence in me as is. They're gonna have to be really persuasive to get me to watch it.

    1. I think we all will be holding station until we see a full-length trailer with actual movie footage. That might give us a bit more idea about how good (or otherwise!) this film is actually going to be.

      Getting ahead of myself here, but if we get a Season Eight, it'll also be interesting to see whether that ties into anything from the movie. My guess is that it might, but that Hasbro won't want it to be required for understanding S8's episodes.