Friday, 31 March 2017

Flashfic 150 gets under way tomorrow

I really wasn't sure when I announced Flashfic 150 what sort of a response I'd get. I did wonder, in the back of my mind, whether 2017 might be too late in the day for something like this to work. Frankly, it wouldn't altogether have shocked me if I'd had three people join the group and then none of them actually write anything. The second part is still possible, but as I type membership stands at 41, a figure I'm pretty satisfied with.

We've had a practice thread going for a little while, but the first actual contest will start tomorrow. I have a prompt in mind, but since the "prize" is choosing the following month's prompt I have no idea what will appear in the future. I'd like nothing so much as if someone with no record on Fimfiction had a go at Flashfic 150, got the taste for writing ponyfic, and then started putting out stories of their own. That really would be wonderful.

Tomorrow, I'll update the group front page and start the April contest thread. I'm actually looking forward to this tremendously. With a little trepidation, since I'm bound to have overlooked something important, but looking forward to it nevertheless.

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