Monday, 24 February 2020

EqD poll results for "How old are you?"

Equestria Daily likes its polls, and there's usually one running. The one that's just recently closed was simply asking how old visitors to the site were. Of course a poll like this isn't remotely scientific, so the results should be treated with caution. It's also worth noting that EqD is not necessarily representative of the bulk of the fandom in 2020 – it's probably declined in relative importance in the last half-decade.

All that said, the results are still interesting. Very nearly a quarter of respondents said they were over 30, and just over half were 25 or above. The days when the average brony (at least on EqD) was a teenager or young student are well and truly behind us. This doesn't surprise me, even allowing for the fact that those who do their fandoming wholly or mostly on social media probably skew a bit younger.

Doubtless any outside media profiles of our fandom will continue to be written as though we're all still 18. (Some of us were never 18 during the FiM era, of course...) But though that may never have been quite accurate, it's now entirely inaccurate. We're an older fandom than we used to be. I'd love to add "and a wiser one", but I'm not sure we can really say that. Ah well.


  1. Like I said on the post, it's just that all the teenagers and twenty-somethings who got into the show ten years ago are now twenty- and thirty-somethings. :B

    1. That's true, of course. Fast forward another 30 years and we'll all be shaking walking sticks and yelling at people to get off the lawn. :P