Monday, 16 January 2017

Word cloud!

There'll be a lot going on in Real Life over the next few days, so apologies if Louder Yay is a little quieter than usual when it comes to updates. Ponyfic Roundup will be up on Wednesday as usual, though, and today I have something a little different.

Over on Fimfiction, hawthornbunny has posted about a little Javascript thing he wrote to generate word clouds from a few authors' published fics. One of the people he selected was me, and here's what my cloud looks like. (The colours have no particular significance.)

Word cloud for Loganberry's Fimfiction stories
It seems that I write about ponies a fair bit

One thing that Hawthorn noted was that, of the authors he's looked at so far (admittedly a small sample), I was the only person not to have Twilight in first or second place. I surmised – correctly as it turned out – that the reason was Where They Understand You. This story, which centres on FlutterDash friendshipping, is much longer than any of my others – and because it's set before the start of the show, Twilight doesn't figure in it at all. Incidentally, it's also a story in which the difference between, say, "Rainbow" and "Rainbow Dash" is actually significant.

After I mentioned this to Hawthorn, he was kind enough to generate a second word cloud from which Where They Understand You was excluded. Here's what that looks like:

Word cloud not including Where They Understand You
Interesting that "stallion" isn't much less prominent than "mare"
This time around, Twilight took centre stage, as indeed she does in nearly everyone's clouds. (The Albinocorn was an unsurprising exception, but even there Twi was second behind Sunset.) My second cloud gives considerable prominence to Pinkie Pie, unsurprising as my first Fimfiction publication, The 20 Percent Solution, which is also my second-longest story, is a Pinkie fic. I'm not sure there are any particular shocks, though.

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