Friday, 13 January 2017

Shout-out to a new (well, less new by now as I'm so pathetically slow) ponyfic reviewer

A relatively recent addition to the ranks of those who do Celestia's work in reviewing ponyfic is MLPMatthewl419. The guy with the slightly unwieldy name has only been registered since November, yet has already clocked up over 100 reviews in his Fimfiction blogs. As you might imagine, these are mostly short, and indeed are mostly reviews of short stories. His scoring method takes a little bit of getting used to (there's a score out of ten and a recommendation, which don't always match) but anyone who's willing to interact with his commenters is a good egg in my book.


As it happens, MLPMatthewl419 has been kind enough to review one of my fics: in his Reviews #39 post you can read what he thought of Starlight Repeatedly Teleports into Custard. The summary? "8.5/10 Recommended." I'll certainly take that, thank you! Mind you, I do have to report that my reviewer may not be quite in possession of all his critical faculties, given that the following is an extract from said review:
"It has very few errors in it, which is a thing Loganberry does."
Given that, while writing this post, I misspelt the name of my own fic – twice in one mention – I'm not sure how accurate the above actually is. Nevertheless, I intend to use the line every time someone points out a stupid typo in one of my stories! :D


  1. Nice one getting the recommendation. :)

    'Things that Loganberry does"; sounds like a future blog, eh ;D

    See you tomorrow.

    1. Thanks; it's always nice when someone likes your fic. :)

      Well, I could do that blog post, but it would mostly consist of "Procrastinates" and "Gets distracted" and things like that. :P

      Indeed! Looking forward to a good meet.