Saturday, 21 January 2017

UK PonyCon 2017 begins to show signs of stirring!

Yesterday, UK PonyCon unveiled the 2017 Committee. (Not literally: they hadn't been covered in sheets until now. I think.) Only a few changes, although since I now know the treasurer I shall have to be very careful not to go off on too many rants. Such as the one I had planned about £1.89 being horribly expensive for the sixteen-week con at Buckingham Palace we all expect to be getting this time round. ;)

If past years are any guide, it'll still be quite a while until the really major announcement, ie where UKPC17 will be held. That's obviously the crucial factor for a lot of us in deciding whether or not we can make it. I'll certainly do my best, since I absolutely loved last year's convention, but until the time comes I can't promise I'll be there. Well, not unless a major custard manufacturer would like to sponsor me...


  1. If this blog ever gets renamed to 'Ambrosia Yay' I'll be understanding.

    1. You think that yellow header is an accident? ;)