Friday, 27 January 2017

Looks like the Smyths monopoly is over!

I don't post much about merch on here, but I would like to record my pleasure at starting to see Guardians of Harmony sets turn up in supermarkets. I was in my local big Tesco yesterday and they had several, including the Cheese Sandwich cannon, Chrysalis/Spike and Twilight/changeling. What I'd really like, of course, would be a Fluttershy GoH set – a regular one, at regular prices, not just that not-exactly-cheap SDCC set with her and Discord. I don't think Rarity has a GoH set at the moment, either. Boo.

At least some of the Fan Series figures would be nice as well, given the usual silly import prices.


  1. I'm fairly sure Fluttershy AND Rarity will be on their way in the not-too-distant future, considering AJ was just announced (along with Daring Do, *squee*), and we've already had Dash, Twi and Pinkie.

    I can't tell you how pleased I am that Hasbro has finally woken up to the need for high-quality figures which children and the fans alike can enjoy. As far as I'm concerned 'Gardians of Harmony' is a big win.

    1. I'm sure Rarity will... but I wonder about 'Shy, given that she has has a figure. After all, Derpy has never had a regular-issue large brushable, despite having been given the SDCC treatment years ago.