Sunday, 22 January 2017

UK of Equestria's favourite episodes revealed!

Over on UK of E, Eunos the Fool (I'm not being rude, that's his username!) has been running a feature for the last few weeks in which he gradually reveals the overall tallies for a vote he ran asking people to list their top 20 FiM episodes of all time. Only ten people (including me) took part, which was a bit of a shame, but it provided us with heaps to talk about as the numbers were gradually revealed.

Here's the overall top 20 (well, actually the top 22), with my own ranking for each episode in brackets:
1. The Return of Harmony (6)
2. Crusaders of the Lost Mark (4)
3= Twilight's Kingdom (11)
3= Magical Mystery Cure (18)

5. The Cutie Mark Chronicles (5)
6. Amending Fences (2)
7. Filli Vanilli (19)
8. A Canterlot Wedding (–)
9. Pinkie Pride (3)
10. Sleepless in Ponyville (7)

11. Friendship is Magic (–)
12. Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3 (–)
13. Winter Wrap Up (–)
14. Maud Pie (14)
15. A Hearth's Warming Tail (8)
16. Hurricane Fluttershy (1)
17. Rarity Investigates! (–)
18. Luna Eclipsed (–)
19. Stranger Than Fan Fiction (12)
20= Lesson Zero (13)
20= Suited for Success (16)
20= To Where and Back Again (10)
For what it's worth, the episodes I had in my top 20 which didn't make the list above were, using the same format as above:
23. Slice of Life (15)
24. The Saddle Row Review (20)
40. The Cutie Map (9)
69= Buckball Season (17)
I'll admit to being a little startled that "The Return of Harmony" won overall; right from the start I'd confidently expected "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" to take home the crown. For my own part, I feel I gave slight disservice to "Filli Vanilli", and that I really ought to have placed it on the fringes of the top ten. Still, it was a fun exercise, and if it happens again in the future I'll take part again.


  1. To Where and Back Again in the same rank as Lesson Zero? I am surprised :}, and Friendship is Magic in 10th rank!? Wait what ? It should be Best Night Ever or Cutie Map :/

    1. I was actually expecting both those episodes to be higher than 20th! I can't remember where "The Best Night Ever" came, but although a nice episode it's not on many people's list of outright favourites.