Sunday, 15 January 2017

Pony Music Library 37: "Summer Sun Celebration"

Time we had another one of these. This week's entry may not be on everyone's list of favourites, but it is on mine, so here it is.

What? "Summer Sun Celebration"

Who? Chief Doggingfood

Which? YTPMV, I suppose, but I just listen to the music

When? August 2013

Why? Because it's quite stupidly catchy. That's about the size of it! Okay, the second half of the song isn't quite as good as the first half, but it's still one that gets stuck in my head for extended periods of time. In spite of its release date, this is entirely based on S1, indeed mostly on the very first episode. It's originally a YTPMV, and the glitchy bits will put off some people – but I've come to enjoy it very much simply to listen to in its own right, so in it goes.

Note: through my own stupidity, I accidentally deleted the comments to this entry. They were: 1) Oilyvalves pointing out I'd got the wrong video embedded to start with (fixed now) and 2) xjuggernaughtx saying he loved the song, though thought it could really have done with a second verse. Apologies to both!

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