Saturday, 21 May 2016

Pony Music Library 7: "A True, True Friend"

Yes, two PML entries in two days! Before I begin, though, the recent hints that the Great British Brony Convention (GBBC) may resurrect itself – in some form or another, anyway – are interesting, but nowhere near enough information has yet been released to form any realistic judgement on them. I'll keep an eye on any developments, of course! Now, back to music, and today's track is another show song – like "Babs Seed" (PML 3), it's from Season Three. This is a piece that really captures the essence of what My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is about.

What? "A True, True Friend"

Who? Daniel Ingram; orchestrated by Steffan Andrews

Which? Show song

When? February 2013

Why? Because it's so perfect for this show. Everypony is involved and the magic of friendship is at its very heart. The song builds as it goes, with (naturally) Pinkie stealing the show near the end. The style changes slightly for each pony, but the track remains a coherent whole. It's also great fun to sing, especially in a group. The version on official albums is slightly different (listen to Rarity's speaking part), but as with "Babs Seed" I'm sticking with the show original, cast voiceovers and all.


  1. I know there's the mashup with 'Winter Wrap Up' on the album 'Songs of Harmony', but as far as I'm aware, the version on the album 'Songs of Ponyville' is the same as it sounds in the show?

    1. Not quite -- for example, listen to Rarity's speaking part. In the show, it's "Lose the apple farm? Well, we can't let that happen now, can we?" On the album, that part has clearly been re-recorded -- it sounds different and the word "now" isn't included.

  2. Probably some 50% of why I love Magical Mystery Cure so much.