Friday, 6 May 2016

Friendship Games blooper reel

At last, some really pleasant spring weather. I walked over to the polling station to vote (strangely enough) yesterday after tea, and it was a beautiful early evening walk. Anyway, enough of that and on to ponies! Well, humanised ponies...

This was originally posted on EQD a couple of days ago, but it's silly enough to repost here. Done in the style of those Pixar credits blooper reels, it makes a fun couple of minutes' viewing. It doesn't seem to have been posted on Hasbro Studio Shorts, which is a little strange, but I imagine the release was deliberate. It would make a nice extra for the DVD/Blu-ray in due course. (Not that we even get the Blu-ray in Europe, grumble grumble.) The video is notable for a direct pony/human size comparison (near the end), though there's nothing to say that EqG humans are the same size as Earth humans!

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