Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Comic mini-review: Friends Forever #28: Luna and the CMC

Watched "Newbie Dash" again, having read some pretty critical reviews. Nope, still like it. Still makes me happy. Still find the impersonations funny. Mind you, I also still quite like both "Rainbow Falls" and "Bats!", so I'm clearly a terrible person. :P Anyway, I've finally got round to reading the latest Friends Forever comic.

Friends Forever comic #28, sub cover by Sara Richard
Being me, I chose this Sara Richard cover instead
Quite a moment, this: the point at which the IDW comics catch up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders' new status – as seen on the main cover, with its "Now with more cutie marks!" splash. I'm not in the "Oh no, it's Jay Fosgitt!" camp, and Heather Breckel is a reliable colourist, so I don't have too much of a problem with the artwork. Unfortunately, the story itself is a real disappointment, well below Jeremy Whitley's best. The biggest problem is a trio of new characters – two baddies and a goodie – who, quite frankly, I don't care much about. The bullies are nowhere near as interesting as (old-style) Diamond and Silver, while the nice guy has a really pretty ridiculous special talent which is only useful for about two pages right at the end. Luna has the odd funny line, and the CMC are okay, but I can't really praise this issue. ★★

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  1. Yeah, I heard the story wasn't too good, Luna was still harping on her past, and the whole thing with monsters invading Canterlot Castle at night was honestly stupid sounding. If Whitley's next story isn't good, then I'm afraid _Siege_ may have started a downfall for him...IMO.