Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Pony Music Library 60: "Loveless Lovechild"

Hey look, two of these in the same month! Clearly the End Times are nigh. :P Don't get too used to this, though; you know what I'm like. This is a song I've been meaning to induct for a little while now, but other tracks get in the way. Not so today, so off we go!

What? "Loveless Lovechild"

Who? d.notive

Which? Original song

When? September 2013 (original YT upload; the public one now is from February 2014)

Why? This is the second d.notive song to be added to the PML, after the almost inevitable "Vicious Lies", and like that song "Loveless Lovechild" is a superbly catchy piece of darkly gripping synthesiser goodness. Originally described by d.notive as a spiritual successor to "VL", it's a song about Chrysalis. The first verse tells of her younger days, the second of her desire for revenge after the events of "A Canterlot Wedding". Back when this was written, that was still her only appearance, and the S6 finale lay far in the future. There's even a short sample from the S2 finale, used in a very effective manner.

You can get HQ versions on a name-your-price basis on d.notive's Bandcamp.

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