Saturday, 6 April 2019

Here we go!

Today's the day! After one of the stranger hiatuses I can recall, Season 9 of Friendship is Magic will air at 4.30pm UK time. I've seen all the previews and animatics that have been released (which is quite a few), but I'm still not entirely sure what angle the S9 premiere is going to take. I'm finding myself really pretty hyped, especially now I know it's going to be written by Lewis and Songco. Will I still be hyped this evening? We'll see.

I plan on having an episode review up on Monday, as I've been doing for several years, though I don't entirely rule out moving to Tuesday if things get too hectic. Not a clue at this point whether Text Review Roundup will be practical – that depends on a) whether there are many early international releases, and b) whether enough people are still writing text-based roundups this season. I'd quite like to continue with it if it's workable, though.

And now we wait!


  1. Lewis and Songco? That's actually good news.

    I'm miffed I couldn't see any of the animatics. I swear I had made an Instagram account once upon a time, but maybe I'm confusing it with Pinterest. Either way, I don't wanna. >:B

    All my roundups will be posted to Wordpress this season, safely out of the way of everyone else. :B

    1. The animatics got posted to YouTube fairly fast, but you generally had to look through EqD comments to find them. Most of them were very short and didn't tell you much.