Sunday, 23 September 2018

Pony Music Library 56: "Raise This Barn"

If real life hadn't overtaken me for a while, I'd been planning to make these PML posts a little bit more frequent. I didn't manage that, but I can at least put one up now. The Library isn't only for fan-made songs, and this week there's one of the best known of all tunes from the show.

What? "Raise This Barn"

Who? Daniel Ingram and Cindy Morrow

Which? Show song

When? December 2012

Why? Sometimes, like any other reviewer, I get things wrong. When I reviewed "Apple Family Reunion", an episode which I really didn't find very impressive, I said that "the song rather left me cold". Whoops! It certainly doesn't these days, as I now find it one of the catchiest and most all-round fun songs in the series' history. I did at least say that I thought it would be wonderful as an audience-participation convention number, and I can report that this is so. "Raise This Barn" is infectiously upbeat, its whirling Western rhythms almost forcing you to get up and dance. (I said almost!) Yes, we all know it sounds like "racist barn", but these days I don't think anyone really bothers too much about that old meme. The song itself, however, endures. This PML entry is my mea culpa for that review comment!


  1. Raise This Barn is what made Apple Family Reunion one of the best episodes of S3!

    1. I'm not sure I've watched it in full since S3, tbh. :P