Sunday, 9 September 2018

UK PonyCon events schedule is out!

This actually happened late on Friday night – here's the schedule. By UK PonyCon standards, this is a very busy timetable, and certainly well up on last year's already good selection. I suppose that goes with the con being the largest ever, and with that allowing more capacity to add stuff. The full listings for each event always get added later on, so the lack of detail here isn't just an oversight. As with various other things, it's simply the UKPC Way.

The sharp-eyed will have noticed EileMonty's name on the schedule. She's down as giving a panel on Sunday morning, but given the existence of a four-hour Crystal Ball on Saturday night (crystal is the con's 2018 theme) you can't help but wonder... if she does perform, I wonder what she'll do? I'm sure her set will have changed a bit from what it was five years ago when she appeared at BUCK 2013, but she's so good that I'd imagine she'd draw a crowd whatever she chose.

Whether it will include me is another matter! The snag is that part of the concert clashes with the Pub Quiz, and that quiz is a fantastically enjoyable highlight of the convention for me. If EileMonty were to be on stage during that hour, I would probably have the most difficult scheduling decision I've ever faced at a Pony convention. I'm really hoping we'll get an order of performance before the actual con, so that I can make up my mind as to what I'll do.

Away from that, and from the stalwarts like the Charity Auction and Cosplay Contest, UKPC this year has some fascinating-looking events and panels. A couple that really catch my eye are "MLP on YouTube" on Saturday and "MLP The Movie: Its Place in Literary History" on Sunday. The screening of the 1986 movie is appealing, too. Smoooooze! I might not get to Rainbow Dash Attack this year, but I will sing. Whether karaoke or impromptu, it will happen!

The con is now only five weeks away, and it's starting to feel close in a way it hasn't done up to this point. Even though I have my ticket and hotel safely booked, and train tickets can wait a fair while longer, I'm just beginning to do some real planning as regards what to take, how to get to and from the venue each day, where to eat, etc. Cons being what they are, though, I'm sure some of my plans will change wildly during the weekend itself!

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