Tuesday, 18 September 2018

New(ish) to writing ponyfic and would like a review? Read on!

Note: this post is copied from the matching one on Fimfiction.

I was wondering recently what do to for a themed edition of Ponyfic Roundup, my weekly review blog. Having seen Pascoite's recent blog post about underappreciated newcomers, that gave me an idea. So, I'd like to do a blog featuring new(ish) writers, or at least those who first published fairly recently. Read on for what it's all about!

Which authors are eligible?
You simply need to fit at least one of these criteria:
  • Joined Fimfiction on or after 1 January 2017
  • Published your first fic on or after 1 January 2017
Which fics are eligible?
Your story must fit all of these criteria:
  • Maximum 20,000 words using the Fimfiction counter
  • Marked Complete
  • Not a crossover or sequel
  • No more than 999 views at time of submission
  • Published at least one week before time of submission
What about Mature fics?
Although I would prefer Everyone or Teen stories, M-rated fics are eligible, but I don't read many so probably won't pick more than one or two. Also:
  • No foalcon -- this is a hard red line
  • No extreme gore or squick -- this can be subjective, so feel free to ask if you're unsure!
  • I'm not interested in pure clop -- there needs to be some sort of story there too
What will the reviews be like?
One-para potted reviews with a star rating (one to five) at the end. See the non-Spotlight reviews under this tag on my blog to get the idea. Please bear in mind that I give out more ones than fives! I will always explain why I like or dislike a fic, and you are very welcome to engage with me about it in comments or by PM. Note that I will not do "Accepted" or "Rejected" stuff. I really don't like that, and it's not what these reviews are about. The reviews will probably appear towards the end of 2018 or early in 2019.

Sounds fun! How do I submit?
Either leave a comment or PM me [on Fimfiction] with the story you'd like reviewed! If you're submitting an M-rated fic, Fimfiction rules mean you can't link to it directly there, but you can embed.

Small print
Only one story per author, please. If I get a large number of fics submitted, I may not be able to review them all. I will choose all but a couple of the stories myself, but the last two will be chosen randomly, to give people who write genres/characters I don't normally go for a chance. Pegasi can go down as well as up. Your village is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your Elements. Subject to status.


  1. Are you only taking thigs the authors themselves submit, or are third-party suggestions okay?

    1. Suggestions are fine, though in the unlikely event I get heaps of submissions I'll give priority to fics submitted by their authors.