Sunday, 31 December 2017

Thank you for the cons...

...those endless cons, those sacred cons you gave me. Ahem, that's enough Kinks. (There can never be enough Kinks! —Ed.) Just for fun, I thought I might do a little three-and-one paragraph for each of the MLP conventions I've attended. Those numbers refer to the fact that I'll be giving you three good and one bad things about each one. (Hey, I liked them all!) Here goes...

BUCK 2013, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
+ My first convention in any fandom, and that will always mean so much
+ Michelle Creber and EileMonty on stage together in that incredible auditorium
+ "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows"
- Coming close to melting in the upstairs karaoke room

BUCK 2014, Manchester Central, Manchester (you astound me, Holmes)
+ The Summer Sun Celebration, notably (non-)Acoustic Brony
+ Dave Polsky's barnstorming presentation panel
+ Meeting G. M. Berrow and Blueshift (not together)
- Missing out on the Sunday morning Flash Fanfic contest

UK PonyCon 2014, Mercure "The Grand", Leicester
+ Discovering UKPC's fantastic family-friendly, multi-gen atmosphere
+ Actually knowing the G1 song played by the live band
+ The only con I've attended where people could pay on the door
- It was very, very crowded in there

UK PonyCon 2015, Mercure "The Grand", Leicester (again)
+ Informal singalong sessions around the piano
+ The plushie army on our table at Wetherspoons
+ First time seeing Idris's Battle Pony outfit in person
- Dreadful hall acoustics making some panels entirely inaudible

UK PonyCon 2016, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds
+ My first Pub Quiz – and making the last bus afterwards
+ The season finale viewing – a tremendous experience
+ Custardcon. Come on, I had to mention this somewhere!
- A few too many people chatting noisily through panels

UK PonyCon 2017, UWE Exhibition Centre, Bristol
+ Dueting with Dodj on "Stop the Bats" at the karaoke
+ The wonderfully spacious and relaxed venue
+ Fulfilling an ambition and walking round hugging a plush most of Sunday
- Um... it finished?


  1. That's quite a collection you've got there :). So many great memories I can see.

  2. Ah yes the plushie army. I remember that very fondly. I really must try to get to next year's UK PonyCon if I knew where it's being held.