Sunday, 5 May 2013

Blind bags again

My Wave 7 blind bags
Spitfire's called Soarin on her card. Don't tell me there isn't already a fanfic based on that
Yes, it's one of those posts. I was going to write some more thoughts about the latest Equestria Girls news, but I can't face it. (In short, though: Twilicorn sees a humanish Twi through a magic mirror and ends up in high school. Or something.) Instead, I'll just give a plug for Tesco Extra in Cradley Heath, who provided me with my first Wave 7 blind bags, the ones you see above. Yes, I'll admit to doing a bit of sifting this time, which hasn't usually been my practice. I just really like the Wonderbolts' manes!

As for the rest... well obviously I had to bring a Fluttershy home. Obviously. And if I'm going to have one Mane Six pegasus then I should probably have the other one too, so that's Rainbow accounted for. Pinkie Pie looks a bit weird, but she is number 01 in this wave and for some reason that attracted me. And then there's, er, Banana Fluff. I bought her simply because she has a truly ridiculous name. Incidentally, I also found Rarity, but left her behind in the box, laughing callously as I did so.


  1. Ooooh, they look like jellys! :9

    What is this Cradley full of so many wonders? :o I haven't been near the place for weeks, due to one thing and another, but that is certainly a *very* rare incentive to have a look. And if Tesco have the new bags, chances are ASDA will follow before long, as they won't want to miss out.

    I did hear that Forbidden Planet still only have the Wave 6 bags, but now they've moved the box so that it's on the counter. Apparentley they'd finally had enough of people blocking up the isle sifting through the bags, and preventing other people getting anywhere near them.

    1. I can report that the Worcester Asda definitely still has only Wave 6 bags as of today -- quite a few of them, though. Not to mention Fashion Style Luna and Rarity...