Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Equestria Girls dolls break cover... or possibly not

Possible Equestria Girls dolls
I can't decide which is scarier, the arms or the necks
The eagle-eyed Hazzat over on UK of Equestria has spotted that the Russian toy website lillu.ru is advertising dolls as shown above. They're listed as out of stock (Нет на складе) at the moment, which I'd guess means that they haven't yet been released. Their designs are... interesting, though. Note that the dreaded cutie mark face tattoos are back, for one thing. And what has happened to AJ's hat? As for our beloved Fluttershy, she looks like she's contracted jaundice. All right, the FiM brushables don't look much like the show ponies either, but really, Hasbro...

Edit: Ah... Equestria Daily says they're early prototypes, presumably from the same time as the similarly-tattooed cartoon characters. So probably the finished dolls will look a bit less terrifying. Even so, it's amazing that anything looking like this was allowed to see the light of day

Edit 2: Unsurprisingly perhaps, Lauren Faust was not at all happy with the way the EqG girls were portrayed in those dolls.


  1. Oh dear...

    My first thought, when I saw the dolls, was that they're very bright and colourful, and there's no doubt the outfits are nicely designed. But I'm really not surprised Lauren Faust is somewhat angry, because the designs (which I highly doubt will change dramatically from these prototypes) go against so much of what she set out with her pony designs. Not good at all.

    1. Yes, they look okay at first glance. Really, until you notice their stick-thin arms and necks. Thank goodness the FiM ponies can't be pushed into looking like that. I hope...

    2. And judging from the picture Lauren Faust posted after her long line of >:( symbols, I think she's somewhat "hulking out" about it. :o