Monday, 20 May 2013

I want this cover

MLP:FiM comic issue 10 Cover A preview
Do I sense some Lyra-Rose tension going on here?
Unfortunately, it won't be out until August, as it's Andy Price's art for issue #10 of the main series. But it's a regular cover (A) so there's actually a decent chance of being able to pick it up for a sensible price. Yay for sensible prices! (But let's hope Price isn't too sensible...)


  1. You might want this cover, but I *NEED* this cover! :o

    That's quite a look from Lyra, Derpy is extra derp, and I wonder why Dr Whooves is looking so pleased with himself! All in all a fantastic cover. :D

    1. And it just happens to be coming out around the time of BUCK. I suspect I know what some vendors there will be selling! But as it's a regular cover, that shouldn't stop anyone else getting it too. So everyone wins. :D

    2. As for ol' Whooves... well, he *is* the only stallion among nine mares, so maybe he's just enjoying the company. :P