Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lauren Faust answers S1 questions

She did so via Twitter, but thankfully the fine people at Equestria Daily have collected them all together, and made this post of all her answers. She was confining herself to S1 questions — unsurprisingly, given her history! — so anything else was ignored, as (quite rightly) were those questioners who did us all a disservice by asking yet again why Faust left the show. Yes, we'd all like to know... but she's said as much as she's going to, at least for now, and we should respect that.

Anyway, back to the S1 questions. Some are more predictable than others, and some (such as the "pony that thinks it's a deer" episode) were already known through other means, but there are still some very interesting revelations in Faust's replies. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Trixie was created as a stallion... but Hasbro wanted her to be a mare
  • Trixie (again!) went to Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, just like Twilight
  • Faust's working name for Berry Punch was Pinot Noir(!)
  • Celestia and Luna still lived with their parents (in the castle from the premiere) when Nightmare Moon appeared
  • Before appearing in Ponyville, Nightmare Moon went to Canterlot to magically banish Celestia to the Sun in revenge
  • Twilight's power surge in E23 attracted Celestia's attention: Tia knew then Twi could reignite the elements... and do "other stuff" Faust had planned that never came to be
  • In maturity terms, Spike starts out as around eight years old in human chonological equivalents

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