Friday, 15 February 2013

Thoughts on Equestria Girls

Equestria Girls line-up
Why do I get the feeling they should all be on roller skates?
Now then... just about all of this post is speculation (note tag!) so do bear that in mind. All we actually know is that Hasbro intends to launch a "new IP" based on MLP in the nearish future, and that it's registered the trademark "Equestria Girls". The picture above is the sum total of art we've seen that might be official regarding it. I must admit that it does look quite convincing to my entirely artless eyes, and that it wouldn't really surprise me all that much if this did indeed turn out to be what we're in for.

Am I interested? On first glance, no. It looks all too much like Generic Pre-teen Girl Cartoon No. 836, and there isn't anything so far that makes me think it's going to be better than Pony. The FiM cartoon succeeded partly because it was so good for a "little kids' show". A show for older viewers would have to be amazing to manage the same trick. And if Hasbro use the word "sassy" at any point at all in their publicity for any new Equestria Girls series, I shall certainly stay away. Even if they use you-know-what as the theme tune...

As far as I know, none of this will affect season 4 of the main series, which we all assume will be along late this year. I hope it doesn't, anyway: having crossover episodes in FiM involving humans in any capacity is something I'd really, really like to avoid. (Sorry, Lyra!) I'm not that interested in spin-offs as a rule, anyway: for example, I love Doctor Who but have only ever watched a couple of episodes of Torchwood. Not, of course, that I'm Hasbro's target audience for Equestria Girls — but then I'm not for Friendship is Magic, either!


  1. "Please note - the above post was delivered by high-speed communications from the moon." ;)

    Personally I have very little faith in the EG idea being any good. Obviously it could turn out to be amazing and defiantly go on to be a huge success. But I just don't see it happening. As someone elsewhere said, there's already Bratz out there, so do we really need another show about a bunch of girls at high school/college? We need more information really, but as it stands it seems like a project that is just going to fail very badly. There's hardly anyone saying that they're looking forward to it or that they think it's a good idea.

    Still, as long as S4 is "business as usual" that'll do us all the world of good. :)

  2. The Luna(r) Postal Service can be remarkably efficient... ;)

    I suppose we all have to bear in mind that MLP:FiM itself would have seemed very unpromising before it began, and that things like the S2 finale looked much worse than they turned out to be. But... I honestly can't see this being something that Lauren Faust would have come up with, and that may make all the difference.