Thursday, 28 February 2013

BUCK site online

The official website for the second BUCK convention is now up. As expected, it will be in Manchester again, though there's still no official word on the exact venue. (It was the Bridgewater Hall in 2012, and many people assume it'll be the same again.) The website itself is nicely designed: not too cluttered, with plenty of white space and text that's quite easy to read. It gives the impression of a professionally run operation, and after the shenanigans at Las Pegasus UniCon the other day, that's good to see!

There are still some things missing from the site, apart from venue location. Most importantly, ticket details have not yet been published. Similarly, although there are basic times for the weekend, a detailed schedule is yet to come and there's no word on what the "something awesome" planned for the Friday will be. That's promised "soon", so let's hope that word is accurate. The FAQ is also a bit light on things like how to register and what you need to bring on the day; presumably those will be added when ticket details are.

As you'll know if you've read some of the other things I've written, I wasn't really in the fandom in time to attend the first BUCK last year, which is a shame. This time around, I'd like to go — though scheduling it on August Bank Holiday weekend does mean I'll be at the mercy of Network Rail to a large extent. For personal reasons I doubt I'll be able to manage a full residential stay, so I'm looking at a (very) long single-day attendance on the Saturday. I'd miss the late evening events, but partying, dancing and boozing isn't for me anyway. :P


  1. They've certainly done a very good job of the site. It seemed really easy to find bits of information and everything (as you say) is given plenty of room, which makes it a whole lot easier to read. So, I'm certainly impressed by that, and it does definitely give the whole thing a very professional feel rather than something flung together. :)

    But yeah, considering it's now March, they really need to get those ticket prices on there, so people can start planning ahead. 5 months or thereabouts will go extremely quickly, so they need to buck(!) up their ideas! ;)

    1. I think Twilight's time spell is what's needed. Unless of course it means that the con will now be "next Tuesday morning"...