Thursday, 14 February 2013

Even more sales for Pony comic #1!

Since issue #3 of the IDW comic didn't come out until the first week of February, we'll have to wait until next month to see how well that sold (Issue #2 came out on 2 January, but was treated as part of December for accounting purposes.) However, there's still some Pony in the charts! Comichron has the January sales figures, and issue #1 (presumably reprints) made the top 200, landing at no. 189 with estimated North American sales of 8,605.

Add that to the 80,128 copies from November and the 6,651 from December, and you get a total of 95,384 copies. Since this doesn't count overseas sales, we know for sure that the final total is going to be well into six figures. Actually, on January figures alone, MLP:FiM #1 is the 11th best selling IDW comic book of the month. Who would have predicted that even a few months ago? Oh, and yes, I am going to post about something other than comics next time!


  1. It's *very* impressive sales, and I have no doubt at all that the comic will have done pretty well here as well. Obviously nothing like those sort of sales figures, but for the UK I'd imagine the sales were very respectable. After all, the various places I've seen that advertised that first issue are now advertising the 2nd and 3rd reprints, so they must know there's a demand out there for them!

    Oooh, I wonder if the next post will be about what happened to Gummy's teeth! Or how much a bit is worth compared to a one pound coin! Or... *rambleramble*

    1. I noticed somewhere selling the fourth print on eBay today, so the #1 bandwagon is still rumbling along, certainly!