Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Local Brony

If the thought of the 90-minute Bronies documentary is a bit too much for you, or even if you've already seen that and just want something else to watch, here's an idea. My Local Brony is a short film made by Matthew Barnes with Emily Jarvis for the Norwich region of the BBC Voices initiative. As its name implies, it focuses on a group of MLP fans from the area as they discuss their feelings about the show and what it — and its wider fandom — have brought them.

I don't know any of the people involved in the flesh, though I've interacted with some of them online via UK of Equestria. Regardless of that, I enjoyed this 13-minute film. It's much less ambitious than Bronies; I suspect it may not have had a six-figure budget, otherwise its interviews might have been held somewhere that was above freezing! Nevertheless, it's nicely put together, and (always important) the little gimmicks don't get in the way of the film itself.

My Local Brony can be watched free at the SeaMe.tv website. This isn't a review as such, but I'm still going to recommend it. Well worth 13 minutes of your time.

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