Sunday, 3 February 2013

Quiet, isn't it?

That's what happens when we're all deprived of our pony fix for a week! All is not lost, however: the descriptively-titled My Little Pony G4 Merchandise Tumblr has some interesting news from the Nuremberg Toy Fair. A blind-bag-esque Applejack with a hat is on the cards, together with a variety of interesting-looking plushies and party goods.

Of course, these are aimed at the German market, and it's no less annoying than it ever has been that Germany gets so much more merch than we do in the UK. On the bright side, at least importing stuff from Europe doesn't entail the Russian roulette of customs charges that we have to play when buying things from the United States.

(Over on EqD's story about this, great play is being made by some commenters of the fact that the German city name (Nürnberg) is being used. I wonder why it matters, really; I don't care that the French say "Londres", after all.)

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  1. There are some very interesting looking goodies amongst those, and I shall definitely want one of each! So Many Plushies! The keyrings (at least I think they're keyrings) are a definite must-have, assuming it'll be possible to get them here. A few years back, the Beatties in Wolverhampton would have probably stocked those, back when they had a large display (near the main entrance) of little plush keyrings. (Jellycat, Nici etc.)

    Actually, I see that some of the items are listed as "Nici" too which is interesting. I can't figure out what the cylinder shaped things are though. If you look on the EqD page and find where it says "NICI Plushies" there are some cylinders about 3 photos down ( ) I wonder if those are stationary of some sort, or pencil cases. :)

    Nürnberg! Or perhaps Neighberg? ;)