Saturday, 23 February 2013

Still searchin'

(As Ray Davies once sang.) It's interesting to look through the records for this site and see how people find it. Unsurprisingly, the most common referring site is Google, while next up is UK of Equestria -- as Louder Yay is linked from my signature there, that's not surprising either! There are few notable other entries, though I did get a mention for one of my comic reviews on, and therefore a small number of visitors from, The Round Stable.

Looking at specific search terms, the most common is "my little pony friendship is magic comic", which makes sense as I've reviewed every issue in some detail. Of the episode reviews, it's "Keep Calm and Flutter On" which takes the laurels. Interestingly, one person found me by searching for "Kidderminster brony". I don't actually live in Kidderminster, but I'm not all that far away. So I know there's at least one other local fan out there. Hello to you!

Finally, some mixed bits and pieces. The top five countries are the UK, the US, Germany, Sweden and (surprisingly) Russia. Windows and *nix dominate the OS category. Firefox sweeps all before it in the browser stakes, with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera completing a relatively unstartling top five. To be honest, this isn't turning out to be that thrilling, so I'll stop now. :P

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  1. Oh I don't know - I used to love looking through the stats when I had the 20m sites. It was fascinating finding out just where the various site views were floating in from, and in particular I was intrigued by some of the searches that led people to the various sites. Some were obvious, and some were unbelievabley cryptic. And of course it occassionally led to mentions of the site on other sites, or links they'd put up, which were always quite pleasing to see. :)