Monday, 25 February 2013

Society frowns at blowing one's own trumpet

(And if you get the reference in the title, you're 20% more awesome than pretty much anyone else!) But anyway... this is a small and pointless post to announce to the world (well, the two people who actually read this blog) that my review of the Bronies documentary has reached the 100-view mark, the first of my articles to do that. It only just won the race, though, as my review of issue #3 of the IDW comic is on 99 views!

Actually, nine of the top ten most-viewed posts on Louder Yay are reviews (the other being the preview of Bronies), which I suppose isn't surprising. Little old me can't hope to compete with the big sites, especially the mighty Equestria Daily, when it comes to news, con details, etc. But when it comes to reviews, whether of episodes or comics, you just need one person who can string together a nicely readable article, and that's something I can do quite well.

I don't want to make this blog exclusively review-focused, but you can certainly expect more reviews in the near future. Just don't expect a review of SWAG.MOV; I have watched it, as I have all the others in the series, but that's just so I can pick up references. I don't like the .MOV series at all, and don't even find its tastelessness amusing. Yes, it's well put together for what it is. I just strongly dislike what it is!


  1. I only got the reference once I wandered off to Google to type it in. I won't mention what it was in case anyone else (is aaaaaanybody ouuuuut there!) tries to give it a guess. But I think I know where it was from now, though I did see that this very blog turned up at the top of the list during the search!

    Still, that news is certainly something to be proud of. Reviews are probably not something that typically scoop up views in their masses, so that is definitely good to hear. I suppose people look at the reviews on here to find out more information, compare their own thoughts on whatever's been reviewed, or just see if it's worth their time buying said item. Either way it's something to be quite pleased with. :)

    As for the .MOV series, I saw the APPLE one, and it didn't really inspire me enough to want to see any of the others. I saw some screengrabs from SHED but thought "that'll be more than enough, thank you!" :P

    1. Well, now I've actually corrected the post title, it should be a bit easier to find! :P But still, it's nice to know someone reads my ramblings. Someone on UKoE recently said my review of the comic was what pushed them over the edge into getting it, which was also nice. :)