Monday, 6 January 2020

New committee for UK PonyCon 2020

This isn't the kind of news I'd always trouble to post about, since there aren't many changes in the line-up compared with the 2019 event's committee. But the 2020 committee lacks the name of Guiding Breeze, someone who I know moderately well and for whom I have a pretty high regard. She's been Treasurer for the past three years, as well as doing several other jobs more unofficially, and I can vouch for her commitment and workrate during convention weekends – and at other times of course, but we don't see her working then!

Hopefully Guiding Breeze will now be able to take a well-earned rest from the intensity of committee responsibilities and be able to enjoy things at her own pace a bit more. The new Treasurer is named simply Jez, and is someone I know nothing about – but the "Meet the Committee" page mentions that they're "relatively new to the fandom". I find that encouraging, actually – even now, when the show is over, people are still stepping up to take on the big roles. Clearly UK PonyCon is going nowhere just yet – and a good thing too!

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