Tuesday, 26 February 2019

My thank you letter to the MLP staff

Equestria Daily has been running a "Write a letter to the MLP staff" event, and in the end they had around 230 submissions, which I don't think is bad. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.) You can argue they might have waited until the end of S9, but having thought about it I think this way is better. Many of the show staffers have now wrapped up their work on FiM, so it's good to have these written now, while their experience is still fresh in their memories. (I don't really expect them to read these letters, though. They're simply too busy.)

Anyway, for those who don't read EqD but for some strange reason do want to read what I put in my own letter, here's my sappy effort:
To you all,

And that really does mean *all*. To the writers, the voice actors, the animators, the storyboard artists, the musicians, the unsung heroes behind the scenes and all the others who would make this letter so much longer if I listed them in full. All of you who have worked so hard for so long on a show which has truly earned its place in animation history.

To Lauren Faust, without whom we wouldn't have Friendship is Magic. To Bonnie Zacherle, without whom we wouldn't have My Little Pony at all. To DHX, for the hugely appealing show your talented crew produce for us time after time. To Hasbro, for supporting the series for all these years. To everyone.

The show all of you helped to make happen changed my life. That is not an exaggeration. It changed it very much for the better. I am happier now than I would have been without FiM. I am more creative. The show helped me through some very dark times and gave me a place where, no matter how bad things might look, light and hope always won out in the end.

Most of all, the greatest gift this show has given me is friendship. Because of FiM and the people who've shared my appreciation of it, I have gained many wonderful friends. That's something I wouldn't have imagined a cartoon aimed at young children could give me. But it has.

Of course, there's still one more season to come before our favourite little ponies gallop off into the sunset for the very last time. The show has evolved over the years, but I still enjoy it enormously, and I look forward enormously to seeing what Season 9 has in store. I'm sure the final season will be truly enchanting. Because, after all... Friendship *is* Magic.

Fluttershy said it best, as she so often does:

"You rock. Woo-hoo."

Thank you. Thank you more than I can put into words,

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