Thursday, 15 November 2018

Sounds of 2011, nos. 83 to 81: Winter is coming, Trixie

Another from the seasons-related concept EP by Jackle App, this one focuses on the griffon from S1E05, who at the time wasn't really expected ever to return to the show. She was also widely hated for making Fluttershy cry. It's a string-heavy, sombre, yearning song that takes a much less critical view of Gilda. It's told from the point of view of someone who sees the griffon's casting-out by Rainbow and feels pity for her. Perhaps, also, something more. As was the case with many songs in the old days, though far less so today, there are several uses of a phrase from the MLP theme. You can buy the HQ track for $1 from Jackle App's Bandcamp.

I'm skipping no. 82 as it doesn't fit my new criteria for inclusion.

This guy – now known as Matt R, though he hasn't uploaded in nearly five years – is better known for certain other tracks that we maaaay just get to. However, this song precedes either of the mega-famous PPS tunes, dating from early July 2011. If you're familiar with the artist's style, the general sound of this choptune will be very familiar. Based on "Boast Busters", it's never quite managed superstardom, having "only" around 600k views, but that's pretty healthy. Matt R removed his songs in 2016 to much disappointment, but earlier this year they returned to public status, where they remain. Hurrah! You can buy this in HQ for $1 from PinkiePieSwear's Bandcamp.

Next time on Sounds of 2011, I'll be bringing you three more tracks, all by artists who remain very well known. See you then!


  1. Ah man, Winter is still one of the all-time greats. :D Now you're into the good stuff. Fitting that I'm listening to a solo version of Chant of Immortality right now.

    1. I'm boring and prefer "Autumn" for its Derpyness (plus I didn't much like Gilda until S5). I've been warming to "Winter" though, I must admit.

      Fitting that I'm listening to a solo version of Chant of Immortality right now.

      I don't get the link. :S As far as I'm aware, that's a 2014 Twilight track by 4EverFreeBrony. What am I missing?

    2. It's a classic track from about the last great period of pony music. :B