Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Flying east for fun and profit

Austraeoh has received an Equestria Daily feature. For his own reasons, Imploding Colon (yeah, I know he's shortskirtsandexplosions, but I like to stick to the names people use) apparently didn't submit it until six years after it had been finished. For what it's worth, my own opinion on the story was distinctly mixed. I reviewed it in Ponyfic Roundup 31 back in 2014 and scored it 6.5/10 – that's a moderate three-star rating in my current system. I haven't re-read it, so I can't say whether my opinion would be different if I reviewed the fic now. I'm sure the obsession with "ruby eyes" (used 57 times!) would still drive me up the wall, though.

Also in ponyfic news, EqD has a short interview with Pen Stroke, author of "Past Sins" (which I reviewed in PR 48) and various other stories. At a time when the site is adding more and more visual art coverage (eg the anthro and weekly open art posts) writing has been feeling increasingly marginalised. Perhaps inevitable at a time when falling viewership means Seth and co have to go for maximum eyeballs, but beyond the usual round of stories being featured, we don't get thrown many bones these days. Fimfiction is generally a better place for discussion anyway. It's nice to see some extra fanfic coverage on EqD for a change. :)


  1. Unfortunately, fanfiction has just never been that popular. When the fandom was huge, there were more people who wanted to see it, but it was still proportionately small, hence how EqD used to have a "no fanfiction" mode.

    These days, we're not getting that much submitted anymore. We're not getting that much of anything submitted, but especially fanfiction. On the plus side, what we do get submitted tends to be of higher average quality.

    1. I can't argue with any of that, much as I wish I could. I suppose a cheerier way to look at it is that it's impressive that fanfic ever got as much traction as it did.