Saturday, 6 October 2018

UK PonyCon questionnaire thingy, 2018 edition!

I did one of these last year, so I thought I might as well do one again. I've made one or two slight tweaks, but the basic format is very similar. So...

What do I call you? Logan. Everyone else does. I mean, I don't mind the full "Loganberry", but Logan is the easiest option all round.

What will you look like? Even older than I did last year. :D I'll have a pony shirt of some description, probably Fluttershy on Saturday morning. I always wear glasses. I never wear jeans. For some ludicrous reason I bought a VIP ticket this year, so inside the con venue I'll have a VIP lanyard.

Who will you be with? A bunch of like-minded silly pony people. Some of whom will have plushies, in all probability. Other than that, whoever can stand me!

What will you be doing? Ponying. But specifically: there'll be music involved somewhere, whether karaoke or Crystal Ball or both. I'd like to do at least a little non-G4 stuff. Naturally I'll be attending the Charity Auction. I don't play the CCG, so I won't be doing that.

Can I talk to you? Of course you can! I mean, don't go on about exactly the same thing every time you speak to me and please don't fill up my precious pony weekend with hours of chat about non-pony stuff. I like cricket and trains and weather and so on, but for the most part those subjects can wait. But otherwise, by all means say hi!

What can I talk to you about? I'm not desperately fussy, and I'm happy to talk both FiM and EqG stuff, or even other gens to the limited extent I know them – but I would be delighted if anyone wanted to talk ponyfic. It's my favourite part of the creative fandom, so if you get me started on the subject, you may have trouble stopping me!

Can I take your photo? Not sure why you'd want to given that I don't cosplay. But as long as you ask first, I'm unlikely to object. If you've taken a photo/video and I'm in it only incidentally (eg in the audience) then there's no need to ask. If you take a video of me doing karaoke, though, please let me see a copy afterwards!

Can I hug you? If you really want to, then I don't see why not. Please do ask first, though, in case I'm carrying something breakable.

Can I buy you food or drink? If you must! I really don't expect anyone to buy me muffins or cider, though.

How long are you staying? Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, so the whole convention with a little bit either side.

Where are you staying? Travelodge Nottingham Central. Convenient and fairly cheap.

How are you travelling? By train, on Friday. I'll wear the UKPC 2017 T-shirt on the journey, so feel free to say hello if you see me around – I'll be at Birmingham New Street station at lunchtime, and I aim to reach Nottingham a little after 3pm.

Favourite characters? Fluttershy, Scootaloo, Celestia, Silverstream, Starlight, Derpy.

Anything else I should know? Yes. If you find out what it is, please tell me.

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