Thursday, 4 October 2018

Text Review Roundup: "Sounds of Silence"

Time for some kirin-tinged opinions of episode 23. This episode got a pretty good reception, though few reviewers got quite as obsessive about the kirin as Seth over on Equestria Daily. (If anyone ever creates a kirin/batpony hybrid, I fear he may actually explode.) Cuddlepug is back this week, and there's a clear split this time between reviewers who loved the ep and those who were underwhelmed. Nobody hated it, at least.

Cuddlepug – very positive (graded A; "a fantastic return to form in terms of providing audiences with an episode that puts the 'magic' back [...] a triumphant episode that oozes with charm")

Derpy News – extremely positive (graded A+; "The show went back to some of the basics with this episode and it paid off magnificently [...] a great lesson")

The Dragon Warlock – mixed (graded C; "I do love the world building, the song is great, and Autumn Blaze is a good new character, but the pacing, characterization issues (mostly Fluttershy), and the weak story [drag it down]")

DrakeyC – mixed ("Autumn Blaze is a great character [but] I knew this was a celebrity guest voice [...] The concept of the Kirin was very creative and interesting, and the Kirin had great designs. But the execution was lacking.")

JDPrime22 – very positive (rated 9/10; "just a fun ol' episode. The song, especially, is one of the best of the season.")

Lightening McQueen – very positive ("Autumn Blaze [was] such an amazing character; Rachel Bloom is just perfect for her voice")

Louder Yay – very positive (rated 4/5; "[Autumn Blaze] was a fun character [and though it felt] more like an AJ-with-Flutters episode than a true double act [...] snappy dialogue [meant it] continued late S8's strong run of episodes.")

Mega Sean 45 – positive ("We have a new writer here, and he's already nailing this! [... The kirin] were cute [but] that old man with the end of the line part [...] wasn't even that funny.")

MLEEP Reviews – generally positive (rated 8/10; "despite having a weak story, 'Sounds Of Silence' [was a] pretty decent episode full of beautiful animation and plenty of laughs")

The Railfan Brony – mixed (rated Okay; "Autumn Blaze was... fine, I suppose [...] the plot is very thin on the ground [though] the characters and theme do their best to make up for that")

ShutterflyEQD – positive ("These friendship quests are moderately predictable [but the silent kirin were] very adorable[, and Autumn Blaze's design is] just over the top beautiful)

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  1. Rest assured, kirin/batpony hybrids have been discussed with Seth in the pre-reader channel.