Thursday, 9 June 2016

Text Review Roundup "Flutter Brutter"

Zapped Zephyr and Annoyed Fluttershy
"Zephyr, you knew what would happen if I Stared at you"

It's Thursday, so it's time to take a look at some text-based reviews of "Flutter Brutter". The episode seemed fairly popular overall, with most reviewers appreciating Fluttershy's characterisation. The major sticking point for some was, unsurprisingly, the enormously annoying Zephyr Breeze. Disappointingly, Unleash the Fanboy don't seem to have produced a review this week.

Batbrony Reviews – very positive ("this was great")

Derpy News – positive (graded A-)

Louder Yay – positive (loved 'Shy, disliked Zeph)

MLEEP Reviews – wildly positive (rated 10/10)

MLP Fanatic – extremely positive ("not quite my all time favorite [but] really good")

Ponyland News – rather negative ("pretty meh")

Super Recaps – broadly positive ("I really do like this ... but it doesn’t quite stick the landing")

TheDragonWarlock – rather positive (rated 7.5/10; "pretty good ... unlikeable Zephyr")

Thrond Media Pony Corner – very positive ("a phenomenal character showcase for Fluttershy")

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