Friday, 17 June 2016

Pony Music Library 14: "All Ponies must be Perfect"

By now, most of you already know what Michael Vogel managed with "Spice Up Your Life". I, however, don't. In lieu of my usual Monday episode review, have a PML entry.

What? "All Ponies must be Perfect"

Who? Catfood McFly

Which? Original song

When? March 2012

Why? Remember when Derpygate was a thing? Me neither, actually; I joined the fandom at the end of Season Two. Still, people were still making a fuss about it even then. While I wasn't interested in participating in all the drama, we did at least get this amusing little song out of the whole mess. Unlike some of the oh-so-earnest pleas to "save Derpy", this one pokes fun at the whole business – and in my view, it's much the better for it.

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