Saturday, 4 June 2016

Pony Music Library 11: "Anthropology (Lyra's Song)"

If you're eligible to vote in the EU referendum, please do, whatever your stance. After all, you'll still have to live with the consequences! If you haven't yet registered, you have until Tuesday: see here for details.

Now back to pony, and I think it's time to add another song to the PML. This one is here partly for personal reasons, as I'll explain below...

What? "Anthropology (Lyra's Song)"

Who? AwkwardMarina

Which? Original song

When? September 2012

Why? This one is here largely because it brings back good memories. When I arrived at BUCK 2013 (my first pony convention), I didn't know a word of this song. By the end of a fun-filled – and karaoke-filled – weekend, I was just about word perfect. It's also absurdly catchy, it hits my weakness for piano music, AwkwardMarina has a very nice voice and it treats Lyra's fanon human obsession with a light, playful touch. This rough storyboard by isiahdjkim a couple of months later promised great things, but with no more than a brief update in the intervening three and a half years I doubt we'll ever see the finished version. No matter: the song itself is the important part.

And now you know where the title of Ponyfic Roundup 55 comes from!

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