Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Price is right

MLP:FiM comic #4, Andy Price RI cover
Trust Rarity to be more horrified by the goo than by Chrysalis
This is a little indulgence on my part: Andy Price's RI cover for issue #4 of the MLP:FiM comic. I couldn't find this in the shops — probably it went very quickly — so I splashed out £5.99 buying it on eBay. I used a place called Ace Toys and Comics, and I'm very happy with their service. In spite of their stating that they used Economy Delivery, I got the comic only three days after ordering it, which is good going. It's a fantastic cover, and I'm delighted to have got hold of it.

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  1. The cover I got was the one you showed in your own review, which is certainly a nice colourful (and cheery) picture. But there's no doubt that this one is also a *very* striking piece. In a way it's a shame this wasn't the cover that had turned up in shops, because (like with issue 3) this is a cover that really hammers home the point that this is no typical "little kids comic." I especially like that expression from Rarity, and RD!