Monday, 11 March 2013

IDW does it again

MLP:FiM comic #3 Cover B
Winter wrap up, winter wrap up...
Thanks to the vagaries of the way the comic business works, it's been a while since we've had some monthly sales figures, but here at last (courtesy of Comichron) are the Top Comic Books for February. And, you ask, does Pony feature anywhere in that list? Silly question, of course. First, the big headline figure for main series issue #3. Its estimated North American sales total to comic shops was:
This puts it in the top 50 (no. 45, to be precise) and is good. Very, very good. In fact, it's up more than 9% on the figure for issue #2, and is by a long way IDW's best-selling comic book of the month. Nothing else gets close — with one exception. And what would that be? You're way ahead of me, I know: it's issue #1 of the Micro-series. I wasn't overwhelmed with it, but it was a good story. The market seemed to agree that Twilight's tale was worth reading, since it hit 62nd place, selling:
In case you're wondering, IDW's best-selling comic that didn't star pastel ponies was the debut of G.I. Joe, which made no. 116 and shifted 17,553. A very respectable figure in itself, but it's nevertheless barely half the numbers the Twilight Micro sold, let alone the main comic. Incidentally, there's one more MLP entry in the top 300: the Hot Topic pack of the first two main issues sold 8,988 copies and squeaked into the top 200 at no. 196.


  1. I know I've said this elsewhere, but those really are very impressive sales figures. I don't know what sort of sales they were expecting for the spotlight issue, but I'd be surprised if they thought it would be anything like that! And the sales for the main comic are very encouraging, so with luck that will carry on being the case. Certainly judging from certain forums, there is no doubt it is proving extremely popular!

    1. Yes, it really is extremely pleasing; my own thought was that they'd settle down somewhere around 20,000 — which would still have been very good — but that seems to be a major underestimate! It certainly looks as though we'll be able to enjoy this comic for quite a while to come now. I know that Bobby Curnow has mentioned the possibility of villain spotlights down the line, so we may eventually get a Discord one!